Seattle’s Premier Journey Tribute Band


“A must see…Infinity Project will not disappoint! A Truly Amazing Band.. .Can’t wait to have them back! If you like Journey you’ll love these guys!”
Debbie Zaragoza, Infusion Bar and Grill
“As a performing musician, and one who fronted his own Journey tribute for 4
years, I feel confident in saying that The Infinity Project is the most
faithful recreation of the original as I have ever heard! From vocals (yes,
it starts there) to instrumentation and performance, these cats deliver!”
Thank you Infinity Project for taking us back to some of the greatest, missed, carefree moments of our lives with your music and talent. Including one of my all time favorite songs “Oh Sherrie!” … This girl is hooked!
Noel B.
I’ve been a huge fan of Journey since the late 70s…The Infinity Project ‘captures’ that same vibe. They have absolutely NAILED Journey’s sound and catch every single nuance and riff. Vocalist Randy Loran can do things with his voice that not many others can…and I’ve never seen him “duck the high notes”. The entire band stays faithful to the original arrangements. If you’re a Journey fan, catch a show. You won’t regret it.
“The bar is set very high for any band that aspires to be a Journey tribute. Infinity Project plays Journey like they have no idea a bar even exists. They approach the music with a fearlessness earned from a lifetime of dedication to their craft. The musical chops, the groove, the harmonies, the soaring vocals – it’s all there, and all delivered with power and conviction. As a fellow musician, they are the kind of band that makes me wish I was in the band every time I see them perform. As a Journey fan, Infinity Project comes across as fresh and current, while remaining satisfyingly true to the source material.”
Aaron Cheney, Artist/Songwriter/Performer
“We have a Sunday night Tribute Band program here at the Tulalip Resort in Western Washington. We have many different acts playing the room and The Infinity Project is by and far the most polished, engaging, spot on group we have had in our venue in some time. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend the Infinity Project for your night of live entertainment. The crowd loves them and we recently brought them back into the room for a Friday night Gig in which they filled the room for their set. Great music and a good time.”
Kelly Gray, Canoes Cabaret
The Infinity Project has a deep commitment to excellence in both performance and entertainment. We seek not only to represent the music of Journey but, even more so, to entertain the audiences who see us with  the energy, quality and passion of the original band.

Our commitment to professionalism is as intense as our commitment to entertainment. We will be prompt, easy to work with showing the utmost respect to your venue and your employees. We understand and respect the relationship between venue and entertainers and we take that responsibility very seriously.

The Infinity Project has an ever growing list of live accomplishments including:

  • The Cystic Fibrosis Benefit show two years running at the Seattle Amphitheater 2014-2015
  • The Bite of Seattle 2015
  • Two Seattle Seahawks games including the NFC Championship game in 2014
  • The Tulalip Casino 2015
  • Clearwater Resort and Casino July 4th 2015
  • And many more…